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Major Activities

Malcolm Adiseshiah Award / Elizabeth Adiseshiah Award
Best Teacher in Economics Award
Grants to Institutions
Grants to UG Colleges
Grants to Research Projects
Workshop for Research Scholars
Training Programmes
Other Programmes


About Malcolm & Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust

Malcolm & Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust was registered on 8th March 1996 as a Public Charitable Trust. The Trust was mainly started with the following objectives:

a)  For awarding periodical or occasional scholarships or prizes to students prosecuting studies or doing other research in economics or in donations or grants to Universities, schools or other educational bodies or to institutions or Associations doing teaching and/or research in the area of economics and development studies both fundamental and applied.

b)  To organize, promote and execute programmes of teaching and research in economics and development studies for furthering National and State development.

c)  To develop Instructional Materials in Economics for use by the Universities and other Institutions of Higher education.

d)  To provide a network along with Universities and other Research institutions for the promotion of teaching and research in Economics and in particular to provide a meeting ground for economists at the national and state level.

e)  To train and guide scholars in post graduate and doctoral studies in economics.

f)  To organize and cooperate with other institutions in the organization of seminars, workshops, conferences and Meetings and conducting field studies dealing with teaching and research in economics.

To undertake all other activities to promote teaching and research in economics and development studies.

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